This course deals with the impact of the Corona crisis on the retail sector. The protracted Corona crisis as well as its major scope for the economy means that the impact can only be assessed gradually. A little more than two years after the first lockdown in March 2020, we are making an initial assessment with this course. Further updates will follow to flesh out the implications for retail and retail management.

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Executive Summary

How has the pandemic affected the economic situation in the retail sector, management behavior, employment and the supply chain of retail companies? This REDx course provides a differentiated analysis of how the food and non-food sectors in German-speaking countries have been affected. Different companies emerged as winners and losers of the changing consumption and lifestyle. With the help of this REDx course, management can understand the changing consumer behavior in more detail and thus better assess the long-term impact on their own company and avert possible dangers. Although much of the retail industry is suffering significantly from the Corona crisis, the pandemic also presents some opportunities. This REDx course shows how to identify and exploit these opportunities so that companies can successfully adapt to the changes in consumer behavior and avoid losing touch. Six success factors and real-world examples will be presented to help set the right course to emerge as a winner from the crisis.

Lessons from the corona crisis course information:

01 Basic Knowledge: What are the implications of the Corona crisis for Swiss retail? Does retail management have to expect lasting changes far beyond the Corona crisis?

02 In-Depth Knowledge: What are the implications of the Corona pandemic for consumer behavior? What are the priorities for a post-Covid phase?

03 Practical Insight: What is the future strategy for companies and how are some already putting it into practice? Which capabilities need to be strengthened and which management virtues gain importance in times of continuous disruptive processes?

04 Certificate: Test your knowledge and get our Covid consequences certificate.
During this course, you will address the following learning objectives:

  • Ascertain the impact of the Corona pandemic on the economic situation in retail.
  • Ascertain the impact of the Corona pandemic on management behavior.
  • Ascertain the impact of the Corona pandemic on employment.
  • Ascertain the impact of the Corona pandemic on the supply chain.
  • Identify opportunities of the Corona pandemic for your own company. 
  • Analyze the degree of digitalization of your own company and identify relevant fields of action.
  • Be able to assess the scope of the change in consumer behavior.
  • Be able to understand major changes in consumer behavior.
  • Be able to assess the economic development of retail after the Corona crisis.
  • Ascertain success factors for a successful future.
  • Understand management behavior in the Corona crisis using retail companies as an example.