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Course overview
Founded in 1994, Amazon has quickly grown the largest retail company in the world. However, what is Amazon's model for success? How can brick-and-mortar retailers counter the menacing e-commerce competition? What successful strategies have retailers employed against the threat by Amazon?

In this REDx course, the most important factors of success of the global player are analyzed. In the Swiss market, Amazon and e-commerce in general are constantly gaining in popularity, which represents a grave challenge for small local retailers in particular. This REDx course proposes two generic strategies for dealing with Amazon's market entry. In addition, the REDx course shows which strategy may be suitable for different company types for e-commerce in Switzerland to successfully co-exist with Amazon in the future.
  • E-Learning Course
  • Certificate: Amazon Readiness

Target group

This course is aimed at  middle management, project managers as well as team leaders from various departments of retail companies.
Likewise, anyone interested in retail will find valuable insights in this course.

What you can expect
  • Videos, interactive graphics
  • Easy to understand texts
  • Comprehension checks
  • Quiz
  • Certificate
What you have learned (Learning Objectives)
  • You are able to explain Amazon's business units and their revenue shares in relation to total revenue, asess its size and growth.
  • You are able to explain Amazon's competitive advantage, value propoition and its implications.
  • You are able to describe the founder and his vision.
  • You are able to explain new revenue models using Amazon as an example, and explain the impact on retail.
  • You know the new logic of success in stationary retail and understand the weaknesses of the old logic.

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