Founded in 1994, Amazon has quickly grown the largest retail company in the world. However, what is Amazon's model for success? How can brick-and-mortar retailers counter the menacing e-commerce competition? What successful strategies have retailers employed against the threat by Amazon?

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Executive Summary

Amazon is a major global player. In terms of revenue, it is the third largest company in the world. Having started as an online bookseller, it has developed into a broadly diversified tech company. Although e-commerce of digital and physical products remains the main source of revenue, the business model of Amazon has expanded substantially. Today, it encompasses subscription services, cloud services, third party seller services and the physical business. Moreover, Amazon continuously enters new markets with high ambitions – such as currently the food retail sector. In this REDx course, the most important factors of success of the global player are analyzed. These include the significance of the consistent customer orientation, the digital ecosystem and the extensive capital stock. In the Swiss market, Amazon and e-commerce in general are constantly gaining in popularity, which represents a grave challenge for small local retailers in particular. This REDx course proposes two generic strategies for dealing with Amazon's market entry: cooperation and confrontation. In addition, the REDx course shows which strategy may be suitable for different company types for e-commerce in Switzerland to successfully co-exist with Amazon in the future.

Amazon course information:

01 Basic Knowledge: What is Amazon's model for success? What is Amazon's current financial situation and into which countries has Amazon already expanded? 

02 In-Depth Knowledge: What mistakes must stationary retailers avoid to counter constantly growing e-commerce competitors such as Amazon? 

03 Practical Insight: How do the other retail companies stand up to Amazon and what is their strategy? What could a market entry of Amazon in Switzerland look like?

04 Certificate: Test your knowledge and get our Amazon certificate.
During this course, you will address the following learning objectives:

  • Be able to explain Amazon's business units and their revenue shares in relation to total revenue.
  • Be able to assess the size of Amazon in comparison to other businesses.
  • Be able to describe Amazon's growth in comparison to your own company. 
  • Be able to explain Amazon's competitive advantage.
  • Be able to explain Amazon's value proposition and its implications.
  • Be able to describe the founder and his vision.
  • Being able to explain new revenue models using Amazon as an example, and explain the impact on retail.
  • Know the new logic of success in stationary retail and understand the weaknesses of the old logic.
  • Develop future-oriented approaches in the digital age and apply them to one's own company.
  • Being able to describe Amazon's market position in Switzerland.
  • Know possible defense strategies against Amazon.
  • Be able to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of different defense strategies against Amazon.
  • Be able to assess possible market entry scenarios for Amazon.
  • Be able to develop a defense strategy against Amazon for your own company.
  • Be able to implement guidelines for the chosen strategy.