Livestreaming E-Commere in Retail

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  • 3 hours
  • English
  • Certificate
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Course overview
Livestreaming e-commerce is gaining significant traction among European companies, inspired by its success in China, where it contributes to almost 10% of online transactions. By combining the interactivity of live video streaming platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok with the convenience of online shopping, this method is revolutionizing the way we shop online.
Throughout this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the benefits and capabilities of livestreaming e-commerce. You will acquire valuable insights into proven tactics that businesses can employ to harness the power of this channel and maximize their bottom line.

  • E-Learning Course
  • Certificate: Livestreaming E-Commerce Readiness

Target group

This course is aimed at middle management, project managers as well as team leaders from various departments of retail companies.
Likewise, anyone interested in retail will find valuable insights in this course.

What you can expect
  • Videos, interactive graphics
  • Easy to understand texts
  • Comprehension checks
  • Quiz
  • Certificate
What you have learned (Learning Objectives)
  • You understand livestreaming e-commerce and how it can complement other offerings in your business.
  • You understand the success factors of livestreaming e-commerce and can derive them for your own business.
  • You know which content is suitable for livestreaming e-commerce events and on which channels livestreaming e-commerce works well.
  • You know key figures with which you can measure the success of livestreaming.
  • You will be able to plan a livestreaming e-commerce event for your company.

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