Metaverse in Retail

  • 4 hours
  • English
  • Certificate
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Course overview
The metaverse will play an increasingly important role in retail in the coming years. Already today, billions of dollars in turnover are generated in the metaverse. Therefore, companies should already start looking at the Metaverse to take advantage of opportunities and prepare for challenges.
This course will give you an excellent insight into the Metaverse: You will understand what the metaverse is, learn about consumers' motivations for using it, understand the new technologies and economic logic behind it, and know approaches to achieve business goals in the metaverse.

  • E-Learning Course
  • Certificate: Metaverse Readiness

Target group

This course is aimed at senior, middle and lower management,
project managers as well as team leaders from various departments of retail companies.
Likewise, anyone interested in retail will find valuable insights in this course.

What you can expect
  • Videos, interactive graphics
  • Easy to understand texts
  • Comprehension checks
  • Quiz
  • Certificate
What you have learned (Learning Objectives)
  • You recognize the increasing importance of the metaverse for business and commerce and understand what the metaverse is.
  • You now the consumers' motivations for using the Metaverse and understand the relevant technologies.
  • You understand the new economic logic and business models of the Metaverse and their contribution to strategic business goals.
  • You will learn procedures for the implementation of corporate goals in the Metaverse.

Start now and become an expert in

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Die Autoren

Prof. Dr. Thomas Rudolph

Direktor Institut für Handelsmanagement

Michael Hoang
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Forschungszentrum für Handelsmanagement
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